• Free Clothing for Duluth Students

    Winter Coats

    Free clothes for Duluth school children in early childhood thru fifth grade who are in need. We outfit your child for school - gym shoes, socks, underwear, school outfits and winter outerwear, including boots. All donated locally for local children, we have both new and good quality used items. We serve by appointment only so apply early in the school year for best results. You are welcome to return in spring for more shoes and spring clothes.

    Am I Eligible?
  • We are a volunteer organization


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    Statistics/Students Served

    Our 2020 - 2021 year found 609 students needing services.

    Prior Years:

    2019-2020 - 834
    2018-2019 - 860.
    2017-2018 - 940.


    How can I help?

Talk to your friends and family

Pass the word! Families are eligible to participate if they are unable to buy the clothes their children need. We do not have set income guidelines. Talk to your school social worker or family advocate about your situation. They will help you with the required referral form. Most of our families are eligible for free lunch or have some special need - fire, job loss, recent move, military callup, or ?

Become a Volunteer

Contact us at 218-722-4533 if you are interested in volunteering with us.


Please donate new or good used clothing suitable for school. Clothing donations can be dropped off at:
Kids Closet of Duluth
Spirit of God Lutheran Church
2431 West 3rd Street
Duluth, MN 55806

Monetary donations can be mailed to:

Kids' Closet Treasurer
3730 Minnesota Avenue
Duluth, MN 55802

We also accept donations through GiveMN


Get a referral

Kids Closet accepts referrals from school personnel. Call your child's school and ask the secretary to tell you who the person is in that school that refers to Kids Closet. Contact that person (phone call is fine) with your information, including all of your children in grades from Head Start to fifth grade, even if they are in more than one school.


Touchstone Award

The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation Honors Kids Closet of Duluth!

Holly Sampson, President of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation poses with Kids Closet volunteers to congratulate them on winning the 2010 Touchstone award for fostering generosity. In 2004, the Kids Closet was honored by the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation for Volunteerism.


Tenors Concert

A benefit concert for Kids' Closet sponsored by the Dougherty Family in honor of Tom and Jean Dougherty at Concordia Lutheran Church.